Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Computer Books

Ultimate Computer Repair Guide

By Otis f Cooper
Read how to maintain and repair any desktop and laptop computer. Ebook has articles with photos and video that show detailed step by step pc repair and maintenance procedures. This book also has many links to online videos that explain how can build, maintain, speed up, clean, and repair your computer yourself. Put the money that you were going to pay the pc tech in your own pocket.  

Microsoft Access for Beginners
by Paul Barnett
How to get started using Microsoft Access even if you’ve never used it before. This guide will get you up and running FAST. Learn the basics of tables, forms, sub forms and queries. Whether you want to learn for business or as a home user you will find something of interest here.

Create Your First Website 
by Chris Farrel
Easily explained A to Z how to create your own website, written specially for beginners and new commers. Also included hundred of screen shots and videos. 

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